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Real as a Mother
We’re so happy to share our messy, crazy lives and our mama tips to getting through it .

We hope you feel a little less crazy after you’ve left!

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two moms on a mission

We’re Megan and Renae – two best friends since middle school, now living 2,340.2 miles apart (yes I definitely just looked that up). We’re down to earth moms getting through each day wondering what the F we’re doing and hoping we raise children that grow up to be good humans. If that last sentence offended you, we’re probably not for you. If you’re still around – hope we can help you feel less alone and drop some sweet knowledge for you too!


I’m a stay at home mom to 3 spunky, wild, free-thinking, mommy needy, perfect-for-me children.. and a wife to a husband who is pretty much just like the children! I have a 5yo girl, 2yo boy, and newborn boy! I LOVE getting to stay home with my babies and be there for every experience, but I find myself constantly trying to find balance being a “good” mom, wife, and still be myself in the process. Being a SAHM, I’ve turned my favorite past-time activity into my sanity-saving hobby: crafting! I love all things crafty- holiday, gift-making, child-learning fun crafts, etc. and I’m excited to share it all with you!


I’m a mom to “A” [a bossy, hilarious, wonderful 3yo girl], wife, and my husband would claim “a workaholic.” I am constantly looking for ways to save time on “tasks” so I can maximize time with my crazy family. I want to share all the ways I’ve found to help with managing time and reducing “task” time (like real ways – not hire a maid and chef). I am also a researcher by nature and want to share what I know and learn about raising tiny humans, nutrition, early childhood learning & more.


How We Mom

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